Re-inspire and Reconnect with Your Practice


Sometimes, no matter how much we love yoga or how experienced we are, it can be hard to get ourselves on the mat to practice. This may be so for a number of reasons; being uninspired, feeling stale, not having motivation and feeling lazy, having soreness or an injury, not having the right space, not making the time, etc. The more we feel like this and avoid our mats, the worse these feelings will get. Negativity breeds negativity. But the good news is that there are things you can do to combat such issues.

A time to reflect & nurture

Here we are, in July; onto the second half of the year. This is the perfect time to do some reflecting on how the first half of the year went, and how we are feeling.

Unlike the beginning of the year when we tend to take stock and set resolutions and goals, around this time of year sometimes we have gotten so caught up in everything that’s going on in our lives – work, family, friendships, relationships, education – that we forget to look after ourselves. 

Yoga with Kaizen Yoga

We often get enquiries from people wishing to start yoga asking which classes are suitable for beginners or where they should start, and we know that some people are apprehensive about trying classes new when they don’t know what to expect. So we thought we would write a blog post answering these questions and describing the classes a little more so that people who want to try a class that they don’t normally do will feel more comfortable knowing what they’re in for.