Re-inspire and Reconnect with Your Practice


Sometimes, no matter how much we love yoga or how experienced we are, it can be hard to get ourselves on the mat to practice. This may be so for a number of reasons; being uninspired, feeling stale, not having motivation and feeling lazy, having soreness or an injury, not having the right space, not making the time, etc. The more we feel like this and avoid our mats, the worse these feelings will get. Negativity breeds negativity. But the good news is that there are things you can do to combat such issues.

Here are the top 5 tips that will get you feeling better in no time!


  1. Get to a class, stat!

    Preferably get out of your comfort zone and go to one that you don’t normally go to or one with a different teacher to usual. Either you haven’t been to classes in a while and this is catching up with you, or you need something a little different and out of the ordinary. Go ahead and try that super-hot class you always avoid, or that slow one that seems boring. Or go to the class with that teacher you don’t know. You may be pleasantly surprised, re-inspired, and learn some cool new things to try out a bit more.


  1. Splurge and treat yo’ self.

    Get some materials or equipment to develop your practice. Whether that’s a book/magazine that seems interesting and informative, or a new outfit to practice in, or even a new mat. If you have new things to try out, that can be enough to excite you to get on your mat.


  1. Take your practice outdoors.

    Grab your mat or a rug, find a nice patch of grass, do a nice and gentle practice, or even just go through some basic stretching. Look out at the scenery, drink in the fresh air, let the breeze wash over you, soak up the natural light, listen to all the different sounds, and reconnect with nature and your appreciation of it. You should feel refreshed and revitalized (as long as you don’t pick the hottest day of the year and sit in direct sunlight hehe!)


  1. Groove to some new tunes.

    Do some research to find new artists that you like. Maybe try something a bit different to what you normally go for. Instead of nature sounds find something a little more techno or vice versa, find something a little faster or slower than you normally listen to, discover the magic of singing bowls or maybe something with vocals. Experiment!


5. If after trying all of these tips you still don’t feel great, simply just get on your mat and do something, anything!

Even if you don’t know what you will do. Just listen to your body and do what feels right. The rest will follow. You will most likely surprise yourself and end up having a good practice. I’ve never heard anyone say, “man, I regret that yoga sesh”! Do this daily, or as often as you can. Maintaining a regular routine is key. Make the time for it, and make it a habit. Either in the morning or evening, or whenever is practical. It doesn’t have to be a full hour if you don’t want. Just practice and all is coming!


Do you have a space to practice in? Coming to class every day is ideal, but for most people this isn’t practical or achievable. So it’s important that you create a space where you can practice at home. It doesn’t need to be big, maybe just in a corner of a room. Keep your mat and any props there for easy access, and maybe add a few decorations. Even just a candle is nice. Now you have no excuses not to do yoga daily. Even just 15 min is better than nothing!


If you have an injury, and this has got you feeling down about your practice, it can sometimes be a sign that you are not listening to your body and pushing yourself too hard. Take a couple of days off, and then when you come back to practice focus on a different aspect or intention. For example, if you have hurt your leg from over stretching by wanting to be flexible too quickly and being impatient, make a point to be very gentle with the legs and focus more on arm strength or something else you may have been neglecting. Maybe use the recovery time to develop your meditation and mindfulness.

Hopefully these ideas have given you something to work with if you have been feeling uninspired and unmotivated. The sooner you get back into a routine (or start one if you haven’t already) the better.

Happy practicing yogis, love and light to you all!


from the Kaizen Yoga team x

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