Vipassana Meditation

An issue that’s common to all mankind is that we often have harmony and peace lacking in our lives. This alone is damaging enough, but the worst part is that we so easily – and sometimes even unconsciously – pass this imbalance onto others by being angry, hurtful and miserable. This is not a wholesome way of living and no one benefits from this environment and behaviour.

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Negativity cannot coexist with peace and harmony, so the more we practise to embody these qualities the less we will feel negative, with its accompanying emotions and behaviours.

Negativity is caused by unwanted things happening to us which creates tension and as a result of that, negativity arises.

We often try to divert our attention from negativity by distracting ourselves. This only works in the very short term as it pushes the negativity and tension into our subconscious mind, and this makes us like a volcano; ready to erupt at any moment with the smallest provocation.

A more effective and sustainable approach is to observe the body and mind. These are like a two-sided coin. On one side is our mental state and on the other is our physical. When we have impurities and negativity in our minds you will also find that our breath will become shallow and quick and you will feel sensations in the body. We like to call it a mental-physical phenomenon. These two symptoms are an indication, a warning sign if you like, that our bodies are lacking peace and harmony and instead are filled with negativity and pollutions.


You will find that upon observation of these two signs they will start to dissipate. You simply need to observe things as they are, making sure that you are not just observing them as they appear to be. And you need to develop an insight into your true nature. This is called vipassana meditation. Self-purification by self-observation.

The best way to begin this is to focus your attention on your breath for as long as possible. Do not try to regulate the breath as this is not a breathing exercise. Simply observe it, they way it comes and goes. This alone calms the mind and reduces emotions and negativity, allowing the mind to then be open to insight.


It takes practice to master meditation, so don’t feel discouraged if you struggle to focus at first. The more you practice, the more you will concentrate and the more quickly your negativities and disturbances will dissolve.

If you would like to learn more about vipassana and meditation, come along to one of our classes here at Kaizen Yoga. In Springfield they are on at 5:15pm on Thursdays and 7:15pm on Sundays. In Ipswich they are on at 7:05pm on Fridays and 7:15pm on Sundays. You will feel so relaxed and calm afterwards; it’s your bi-weekly dose of stress relief. And if you need more you can come to all 4 classes! We will also be holding a meditation workshop in July. The details aren’t yet confirmed so stay updated on our Facebook page for more information. However, it is expected to be $40, 3 hours long, and includes snacks and unwinding at the end of the workshop.

Vipassana facts

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Namaste beautiful yogis!

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