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We often get enquiries from people wishing to start yoga asking which classes are suitable for beginners or where they should start, and we know that some people are apprehensive about trying classes new when they don’t know what to expect. So we thought we would write a blog post answering these questions and describing the classes a little more so that people who want to try a class that they don’t normally do will feel more comfortable knowing what they’re in for.


At Kaizen Yoga we are proud to offer a range of classes so that there’s something for everyone. We have both heated and unheated classes of different styles. When we say heated, it’s not super hot like traditional Bikram yoga; it’s actually only just above your blood temperature. This makes it easier to warm up your body to prevent injuries so that it’s safer to stretch your muscles. Some classes are hotter than others so if you can’t handle 26 & 2’s heat you may well be fine with hot flow or yin.

The following is a description of each class that we offer:


A heated class that will get your sweat on and your heart rate up. It will tone your muscles and give you a good work out. Prepare to strengthen and stretch out your body to create lean muscles and feel powerful and invigorated. This class is for those especially looking to improve their fitness level.


A Vinyasa-inspired class connecting the breath with each movement, flowing through sequences of poses. Based on Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), this class will energise and stretch, while focusing on your breath awareness. Unheated, unless attending hot flow as listed on the timetable. Suitable for pregnant ladies. This class will make you feel graceful and relaxed while toning your muscles, without feeling like a strenuous workout. You will feel a lot more limber afterwards as stretching is always a part of this class. Great for stress relief.


A long, slow and deep stretch class where poses are held for approximately 3 to 5 minutes at a time. Mildly heated to protect and allow for a deeper stretch. This class is perfect for beginners, pregnant women, and athletes (as well as everyone else). A very relaxing class which is also great for relieving stress, some people even fall asleep! It will help to loosen up any tight or sore spots in your body and give your muscles some much needed TLC.


A short half an hour class focusing on core strengthening. An unheated class that draws from Pilates, strength training and yoga poses to build a great base from which to practice yoga and enjoy life. This class will activate your core and get it working in ways that it never has before! A lot of us are held back by our lack of core strength so it’s great supplement to any yoga practice that will help you to reach new heights.

26 & 2

This class consists of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises that are the same every class. You will learn the routine quickly. Inspired by the Bikram series, with our own twist. A great series for beginners wishing to get into the heat. This class will give you an enjoyable workout and you should find that you feel incredibly energized afterwards, ready to take on the world! Great for fitness and overall flexibility.

BF classes

Any class with ‘BF’ in the name is baby friendly. This means it’s a normal yoga class except that you can bring your kids! If you are afraid of little people, this class may not be for you; there will be noise, giggling, toddler talk, and the occasional cry… a great chance to focus on non-attachment. BYO toys. Suitable for pregnant women.



A playful class for those wanting to get into some up-side down fun and balancing-on-your-hands type poses. Beginners are welcome, must bring a sense of adventure and your listening ears. You will feel muscles that you didn’t know you had in an attempt to balance and hang upside down. We’ll help you get back in touch with your youth!


Your weekly dose of stress relief. 45-60 minutes of time out to focus entirely on you and your mental wellbeing. Bring a cushion/zafu and an open mind. Suitable for everyone. You will feel relaxed and in touch with your body and mind. A perfect way to end your week.

All of our classes at Kaizen Yoga are suitable for beginners. During the classes you can work at your own pace and only ever go as far as your body lets you. Our teachers will explain to you that to grow you need to step out of your comfort zone, but never push yourself past your limits. There is a difference between being uncomfortable and feeling pain. Always honour your body and listen to it’s signals. If you are unable to do a certain pose, just do what you can and the teacher may guide you into an alternate pose. You can stop for a break at any time to get a drink or rest in child’s pose until you’re ready to continue. By the same token, if you are in a class and you aren’t feeling much because your flexibility or fitness is improving, feel free to take the pose to the next level either from your own knowledge or the teacher may instruct on more advanced movements. For example, some stretches lead into binds so feel free to take those options.

Kaizen Yoga caters to everyone at all different level. Try all of the classes and find your favourites. However, keep in mind that sometimes the class you hate the most is the one you need the most. If you dislike yin because you can’t focus and are fidgety, continue so you can learn to calm your mind. If you don’t enjoy it because you aren’t flexible, persist and you will see a difference in no time.

If you have never tried yoga and are a little nervous, don’t be! Everyone is kind and welcoming in our classes. Just remember to not compare yourself to others. Everyone is in a different place and on their own different journeys so just because yours is not the same, that does not mean it’s not as good.

Hope to see all your beautiful faces again soon! Namaste 🙂

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